Objectives & Goals

Objectives & Goals
Excellence in core mission activities of teaching and service will continue to be the primary focus.
  • Future development built on our strengths in the academic disciplines will provide innovative responses to critical needs and will make cost-effective use of our resources.
  • The focus area will be various courses, creating career opportunities for the students in diverse fields.
  • We will undertake an innovative multi-disciplinary initiative in order to strengthen its contributions to the institution and public service. These initiatives will be selected because they promise to result in great social significance.
  • We will engage in a process of internationalization of the curriculum that will yield exciting opportunities for research and instruction
  • Computer and information technology will be integrated into the curriculum and administration of college in order to provide our students knowledge and skills they need in the information age and to furnish the faculties with the tools which will work in this new era.
  • "Our dream is to make your dream into REALITY."

Core Values
Contributing to the development of the nation and skill development.
Providing equal opportunities without any discrimination of gender, caste, religion, race, region, and disability.
Embracing diversity with inclusion.
Inculcating desirable social, cultural, economic, and environmental value systems in the students.
Respecting dignity and self-esteem of stakeholders.

Developing creativity, motivation, honesty, and integrity with disciplined commitment.