Objectives & Goals

Objectives & Goals
*Excellence in core mission activities of teaching and service will continue to be the primary focus.

*Future development built on our strengths in the academic disciplines will provide innovative responses to critical needs and will make cost �effective use of our resources.

*The focus area will be various courses, creating career opportunities to the students in diverse fields.

We will undertake innovative multi-disciplinary initiative in order to strengthen its contribution to institution and public service. Theseinitiative will be selected because they promise to result in great social significance.

*We will engage in a process of internationalization of the curriculum that will yield exciting opportunities for research and instructions.

*Computer and information technology will be integrated into the curricula and administration of college in order to provide our students with the knowledge and skills they need in the information age and to furnish the faculty with the tools which will need to function in this era.

*Research and support of new instructional strategies that enhance and extend the opportunities for teaching and learning. *Access to information and technologies that support and promote the acquisition of knowledge and individual behavior associated with lifelong learning, research, collaboration, and communication infrastructure. *a stable, reliable, information technology infrastructure and appreciate its importance as a college asset. *integrated user-friendly systems with consistent information that enhances productivity, decision-making, and communications throughout the college

*the highest standard of ethical conduct in making decisions and exercising our responsibilities. *professional, courteous and timely response to students in fulfilling their needs for access to service, support, information, and technology to achieve their goals. *the trust of our students, teachers and employees.

*A Shared sense of mission and direction that motivates accomplishment and integrates efforts. *collaborative leadership and teamwork that fosters problem solving, creativity, productivity and personal growth in achieving campus wide priorities. *staff empowered with the authority, accountability, and ability to make decisions at the most appropriate level.

*Flexible transformational organization that can anticipate, cultivate, and respond to the changing nature of technology and its support. *teamwork that cultivates agreement on goals, commitment, and sense of shared achievement. *making the best use of the resources entrusted to us and continue evaluation and improvement of organizational practices to achieve goals. *an effective organizational culture that fosters explicit respect for the individual and recognizes each employee�s need for support to balance their personal lives with the needs and expectations of the organization and the team in which they work. *diversity and the belief that the organization is made stronger and enriched by the differences of its staff and other components.