Vision & Mission

Vision & Mission
The SatpudaShikshan VA GraminVikasSanstha was established in 1991 with the inspiration of Late Bapumiya Sirajoddin Patel alias B.S.Patel Sir, with vision and mission of providing educational facilities and quality education to rural and tribal students having special emphasis on girl education. The persons with education foresight and we are worst ever about that real concern for the welfare of students started first education institution Late S.B.PatelGuruji High School in 1992 at Wadgaon Gad.SatpudaShikshanVaGraminVikasSanstha has since grown into a large educational movement providing academic services through its multifarious branches, having 13 acres of land and thousands of square feet of building and other facilities celebrating Silver Jubilee year in 2017.

The SatpudaShikshanVaGraminVikasSanstha is pioneer organization working in the field of education in the rural and tribal area. The organization is running –

1)    KhwajaMoinuddinChisti Urdu High School, Hashampur
2)    S.B. Patel Guruji High School, Wadgaon Gad
3)    Bapumiya Sirajoddin Patel High School, Pimpalgaon Kale
4)    Bapumiya Sirajoddin Patel Arts, Commerce & Science Junior College, Pimpalgaon Kale
5)    Bapumiya Sirajoddin Patel Arts, Commerce & Science Senior College, Pimpalgaon Kale
6)    B.S.Patel English Primary School, Nandura

Nandura being KARMBHUMI of our inspiration Bapumiya Sirajoddin Patel alias B.S.Patel Sir the organization has decided to develop a institute of reputation and excellence at Nandura.We have special focus on upliftment of students from Minority, Tribal and Economically backward classes. In view to provide educational facility are not fully constructed so pay fees accordingly in remote area, we have a plan to increase new education centers in the vicinity. We have initiated efforts to provide the guidance for students about competitive exams, we are starting “COMPETITIVE EXAM GUIDANCE CENTRE” from this year.

The overall development of the organization was only possible due to zealous and ardent efforts of board of Directors. The organization is getting patronage and guidance from dedicated dignitaries, who have established their credentials in their respective field and who have done yeoman services to the society. We pray almighty that our sincere efforts will prove a real tribute to our inspiration by Late B.S Patel Sir, We welcome you for choosing and to be a part of SatpudaShikshanVaGraminVikasSanstha, BULDANA.