The staff of the library sees the potential of each student to become a well-rounded person, dedicated to life-long learning and the development of his or her own talents. 

Bapumiya Sirajoddin Patel Arts, Commerce & Science College Library provides active learning environments in which students and faculty use innovative tools and resources to create and access information intelligently, efficiently, and with integrity.

1. To cultivate a formalized information literary program.
2. To inculcate the reading habit among the users.
3. Assess needs for adding & purchasing information resources to meet curricular needs.
4. Best practices for ongoing improvement of library services and operations.
Librarian's Desk

About us:
Education requires developing an interest in reading. Students should read newspapers, books, and journals on issues of scientific development, social importance, biographies, and classic and modern fiction as well. To inculcate reading habits, Bapumiya Sirajoddin Patel Arts, Commerce & Science College manages and maintains a library. The library provides all kinds of resources suited for reading and research. The main features of the library include collections of reading materials (both National and International Authors) on various subjects, journals, magazines, and updates of annual, quarterly, monthly, fortnightly, and weekly nature.
At any given point of the day, the library is found teeming with students either studying for lectures, examinations,s or preparing for various competitions.

Library Advisory Committee
Sr. No        Designation                     Name of Faculty         
1)        Chairman - (Principal)         -Dr. I. A. Raja
2)        Secretary  - (Librarian)        - Vacant
3)        Member (IQAC)                    -Dr. S .A. Quazi
4)        Member (Head of Dept)        -Dr. Noor Mohammad
5)        Member :-(Ass.Prof.)             -M.D. Netnaskar
6)        Member:- :-(Ass.Prof.)          -Dr. A.S. Jadhao
7)        Member:- :-(Ass.Prof.)          -Dr. C. B. Palan

Reading Room
Apart from the Library, students are also provided with a Reading Room facility where students can devote time to their studies. It is a spacious and well-ventilated room where students may stay back for longer hours and study.